Sperm DNA Fragmentation Index

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Sperm DNA Fragmentation Index (DFI)

What is Sperm DNA?

Sperm structure includes head, neck and the tail. Head contains DNA coiled tightly within a nucleus. Neck and tail allow the sperm to move about. Sperm carries the genetic material (DNA) and combines with the genetic material contained within the egg creating a new life.

What is Sperm DNA Fragmentation SDF?

Damage is in the DNA is called Sperm DNA fragmentation. Damage occurs when one or both DNA strands within the sperm head are is broken. Damage to the DNA within sperm interferes with the sperm’s ability to properly fertilise an egg and develop into a healthy, thriving embryo, thus leading to infertility. SDF assessment is a very valuable tool in assessing male infertility

What is Sperm DNA Fragmentation Index DFI?

Sperm DNA fragmentation Index DFI is a special test which checks the genetic integrity which is most important factors for male fertility. Semen analysis checks sperm count, motility, and morphology. DFI refers to the percentage of sperm in the semen sample with fragmented DNA. A higher DFI means that a larger percentage of a man’s sperm contains genetic damage.

What is normal value for Sperm DFI?

  • DFI less than 15% is considered normal
  • DFI of 15–30% - Subfertility may be experienced, especially with other abnormal semen parameters such as low sperm count or poor motility or morphology, or the female partner is older, as older eggs are less able to correct the damaged DNA within sperm.
  • DFI over 30–is considered high and may impact fertility.

How is semen collected?

Basically, the semen collected by masturbation in wide mouth container provided by lab, and we may collect information about patient identification (full name, date of birth), duration of sexual abstinence. Ideally sample should be given with 2days abstinence

Who performs Sperm DNA Fragmentation Index DFI test?

The Andrologist/Embryologist is highly trained and skilled professional to examine the semen sample and provide report.

How is Sperm DNA Fragmentation Index DFI tested?

For DFI testing, method of collection is the same as semen analysis. After a sperm sample is collected at the clinic, specimen is sent to Andrology lab for DFI testing. DNA integrity is measured by counting the number of breaks in the double strand DNA structure.

What causes Sperm DNA Fragmentation?

There are several factors that contribute to sperm DNA fragmentation, number one being oxidative stress. This occurs when free radical’s build up and the body is unable to neutralise them. Other contributing causes include:

  • Advanced age
  • Alcohol, Smoking, Illicit drug use
  • Chronic diseases such as diabetes
  • Environmental or occupational toxins
  • High fever
  • Increased testicular temperature (driving, welding, hot Spas etc)
  • Infection
  • Obesity
  • Unhealthy dietary habits
  • Varicocele

How can we repair Sperm DNA Fragmentation?

It is possible to reduce sperm DNA fragmentation depending on the cause

  • Diabetic control if in case.
  • Healthy diet - Add a variety of fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants to help combat oxidative stress
  • Lose weight - Obesity is linked to sperm DNA fragmentation
  • Minimise alcohol to 2 units per week
  • Stay cool. Don’t soak in hot baths or hot tubs, avoid placing laptops over the lap.
  • Stop smoking. Talk to your doctor about smoking cessation programs
  • Supplements - Zinc, Vitamin D3, Magnesium, Selenium, Coenzyme Q 10 etc
  • Surgical repair of large varicoceles

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