" Let Genesis be the first stop in your search for a good fertility centre in seeking joyful parenthood."


Dr. Narmada gets it. From her excellent treatment, curiosity, investigative mind and ability to connect, you know where you stand immediately and what next steps look like. Dr. Narmada is incredible and beyond amazing. She is lovely to speak with at every appointment. It’s rare to find a doctor that combines such personal touches and care for a patient as a person with outstanding quality of medical care. The front desk staff and the medical assistant, support staff were very nice and helpful. highly recommend Genesis Fertility & Laparoscopy Centre to anyone looking for a Infertility’s specialist.

-Gali Prashanthi

I had visited for some gynec problem, Dr.Narmada has studied my medical history and clarified my doubts patiently. I feel that is what is most important as it builds in positivity in a patient. I just had my first visit, looking forward for my next visit, hope my condition gets better by then. I’m thankful that I have found a gynecologist I had always been looking for. Thanks team Genesis

-Radha Munnur

Dr’s and Nurses are very professional and answer all your queries with lot of patience.
1) It’s a hospital, yet people are asked to remove their slippers outside, I have never seen any hospital doing this. What if anything thrown on floor by visitors gets pricked.There was so much of grim on floor as shown in pics.
2) Even after giving appointment they only practice first come first serve. And boy the wait time is eternal. This is like disrespecting people’s time. Many people have to sit there for so long. In fast paced life with evolved systems in place why can’t they manage time properly?

-Bhonsle Shalu

We are very very happy and we are reffering our neighbours also here…we are very eager to waiting to enjoy our parent hood …Here the doctor explanation is very clear and she treats with very patience …By the same way she gives the solution in the very pleasent and in a clear way…and we are very sure you will run this one right now…Here the staff also very pleasent working in a genuine manner… Especially hospital follow up is good …

-Urlaganti Alluribabu

My mother and my aunt have been to genesis looking at the online reviews. It was a great experience for them. Hospitality was really great. Doctor spent ample time and answered all the questions. She appears to be highly knowledgeable on the subject. It is very rare these days to see such a receiving and the time they spend on each person. I would strongly recommend Genesis for gynic problems.

-Tarun Sai

I’m thankful to the team of Genesis.Genesis gave me new beginning to our life.Im very much thankful to Dr. Narmada Madam and with her blessings nd god’s grace I have become mother of two children.We faced many struggles and lost our hopes she gave life to our dreams.The caring of staff is also very good, specially follow up calls from staff gave me a lot of strength.I extremely recommend couples facing problem to visit Genesis.

-Manasa Mungoti

It was a cake walk for my Mother undergoing uterotomy surgery through Laparoscopy Method.
I should mention Dr. Narmada madam name on a privileged note that she was very caring in listening to the patient and guiding my mother to undergo the surgery without any fear and giving proper medication with utmost patience. Treatment was excellent. I never felt that we were at a corporate hospital who generally squeeze out pockets of a patient.
Doctor, Hospital, Staff and to the last level of attendant everybody were caring and empathetic.
Truly short of words for the treatment and hospitality of the Genesis Family well lead by Narmada Madam. My Mother has so many more best wishes for you madam.

-Ranjith Balagam

One of the best experience we had with Genesis Fertility Centre Kothapet.
Dr Narmada Katakam mam is an awesome Person. Handles people with lot of patience and in a very professional manner. I really recommend Dr Narmada mam for any kind Fertility n Gynec issues. Staff of Genesis are quite good and respond to call professionally.
Go for it!!!

-A K Geetha Lakshmi

Today we came for the first time…we have a very good experience with the hospital…Doctor explains each and every thing very clearly with very patience….Very good experience with the staff…..

-thanuja thanu

I having the best expirence with genesis …Best faculty best equipments neatness is 100% well maintenance through out floor over all the GENESIS is best so I rate 5/5

-Gunda Raviteja

I am very happy with the Doctor treatment..she explained every problem very clearly…for that she gives the solution in that manner…Doctor has very patience…she gives so much time for the patient …All the staff are good and excellent hospital…i highly recommend and appreciate the whole the team of Genesis…tq all…

-Lakshmi Neelagiri

We are very happy with the doctor treatment… because previously we went so many hospitals but in short period here we got the good news…Follow up for every thing is good..we are very lucky because with in a short period of time with the consultation of Dr Narmada mam…we are very happy…She is atmost taken very care for every patient…For the gynic problems also she gives the solution very clearly…we are very thankful to all the team of Genesis…

-Raju M

We are really very happy with the doctor treatment…staff are working excellent…Hospital follow up for every thing is good…my wife got pregnency positive here…we highly recommended the doctor…

-Ankith Ankith

Genesis is one stop solution for the happy parenthood…. Here we have very great experience… We got pregenency positive…. We are very happy… Doctors are very caring…. Staff also too good… Hospital follow up for every thing is good… Tq Genesis…

-Ravula Shekar

Here we came for our sister ,we got very good news,..In the name of the hospital only we got a positive thought..so we are very happy to share this…we are recommend every one who wish to become mother and for gun issues also…tq Dr Narmada mam…

-Pooja sankhla

Impressive care and service. Doctor pays utmost attention to patient details, discusses good enough time with patients(I saw sometimes they spend 30-45 minutes per patient) to understand their concerns and suggests the options available for us. They are trying to provide the best service as per my experience. Their staff is very co-operative and friendly. Overall I am satisfied with my consultations and medical care is very result oriented. One more point to add is maintenance of the center is very clean, well organised center.

-Sampath R

We are very happy with the doctor treatment…she explained each and every problem very clearly …for that she will also gives the solution in the right way …staff also very responsible….we are very thankful to genesis….tq and all the best to genesis…..

-Maheshawari Mahi

excellent hospital.
staff and nurses are very much dedicated.
narmada mam is very good.
we are very happy with the treatment.


Dr. Narmada and her team are excellent.. The way she connects is outstanding.. I am grateful to her for treating me and helping me with all my doubts.

-Jolly Mukherjee

Genesis fertility services are good and here the madam Narmada garu is very active, responsibility and caring person. Finally I am thankful to Genesis fertility staff

-Srikari Mudhiraj Knowledge Hub

We are very happy with the doctor treatment and with hospital follow up….previously we went so many hospitals but we are not getting the positive result there…Here at the first attempt only we got the positive result …we are very happy for that….Actually we cant express our happiness in words…..We are really very thank to Dr Narmada katakam…And for the genesis we hope to success in each and every thing….all the best….Thank you so much to all the team of genesis…

-Ashok Kumar

Nice staff with nice facilities everything was nice the care taken by the doctor I recommend every one to plz visit the hospital

-Soumya Kulkarni

We are very happy with doctor care…Hospital staff response… We are very thank ful to the whole team of genesis…

-Sunitha Madhagoni

We are very happy with the doctor treatment staff cooperation..very thank ful to Dr Narmada mam…all the staff are also very good…

-Sreenu Kampelly

Doctor narmada mam have responsibility,caring and very active person.In this hospital there is chance to check up for normal people aslo.Finally i am very thankful to gensis staff.

-Shyamala Budda

We came here first time we have the best experience with the doctors staff and with everyone and everything.we highly recommend the doctors..


Really great experience at the clinic and wonderful staff cooperation.. Especially service and conversation with Narmada madam was adorable.

-Manasa Challa

We are very happy with doctor treatment…and staff are responding very well…. Hospital follow up is too good for every problem…TQ genesis…and whole the doctors..staff…..all….

-Mahesh Baddam

I had gone with surgery here it is very successful …with out any complications …We are very happy with doctors…And also staff are very responsible…Hospital follow up after surgery is good …If we have any doubt also they were explain er each and everything very clearly….Tq for sharing with all….

-Jeedikanti.Ananth acharyulu

We are very happy with doctors,staff…and the hospital…we are blessed with baby girl…we are very thankful…to Dr.Narmada mam….we are feeling very great ful…we can’t express our happiness….

-Prakash Rao

Naramada madam is a good doctor for ladies especially for pregnant ladies.. Genesis hospital staff nd sister’s are good and they explain very nice to all patients..


Overall good treatment with more good hospitality..I definitely recommend Genesis, people who are having any kind of fertility issues..

-Siddi Yoginath

Iam so happy…for Dr.narmada madam treatment she has given me next life..and staff has also full support..tankq.for everyone..feeling sooo.happy..

-Neetha Srinu

The doctors,staff and infrastructure was awesome at genesis. I was visited so many hospitals but there is no use for my problem, I visited genesis dr. Narmada resolved my problem, I suggests to visit GENESIS.
Thank you Narmada.

-Rani Burgula

Iam suffering with over bleeding Since 2 year s i consulted with Genesis hospital Dr. Narmadha kakatam
Now iam feeling very better then before
Thank you so much for Dr narmadha.

-Jadhav Vijayalaxmi

We feel very happy to consulting Dr narmada mam .they are explained very well thankyou for genesis doctors and staff

-SarithaGoud Kommagoni

We are happy to consulting this hospital…we came for our sister…we got very good news here….we are very thankful to the whole hospital….

-Mallesh Rohit

Excellent coordination in between staff and good treatment which ever seen in fertility center..Thank you Dr.Narmada madam for guidance and support.

-Santosh Reddy

Good experience
With doctor , staf
I have done with surgery , vary will
Thankyou vary much

-Sankeerthi Kotharu

My wife gone with surgery here… Doctor explained very clear… All the staff are very responsible… Tq Genesis…

-Nagarapu Raju

All procedures are carried out in a well planned manner, Completely satisfied with Dr Narmada madam’s treatment!


Iam so Happy with the doctors & the staff. Feeling happy…for the trement..tankq.. For all..

-S. Srinivas

Narmada madam did recanalization here and it is successful. We are feeling very happy and very good treatment here. Staff also very good and responded very well whenever required. Hospital is very hygiene.

-Swetha Karanam

This is the first we came here for the consultation, doctor explanation is very clear and staff also responding very well.. We went so many hospitals previously but we get very good response here… Tq genesis….

-Bhaskar Bhaskar

Nice treatment for patients n super experience wth happiness

-Bichani Sandhya

My sister took the treatment there..we are very happy with doctor Naramada mam..Hospital is hygienic and very neat environment..staff are very friendly…

-Krishna Rama

Brilliant hospital w/some experience doctors and friendly relation behaviors..completely satisfied

-Sameer Khan

Nice consultation,caring about d patients s good n great atmosphere

-Uday yeluguri

Hi everyone
Gens :- maintain regular medicine and special diet with good food and control your tensions, maintain workout regularly min:15 min
Ex: daily exercise
Finally all the best for sharing this valuable words with you

-Nagesh M

Doctors and supporting staff are awesome Infrastructure Is good ,economical and very reliable services.

-Oreo Sowmya

Very good place for fertility treatments in town. Ambience and staff are friendly, they do follow up on regular appointments. In house lab for sample collections . Doctor is out spoken and friendly too .
Other doctors like Ahmad sir are more practical orinented.

-Praveen Reddy Satti

I taken treatment for children.In first attempt i got success. I am so happy for treatment along with my family. Dr. Narmada madam explanation for treatment and caring patients is well. Very co-operative staff. Hospital Atmosphere is good.


Doctor treated very carefully treatment is too good we hope to success and staff co operation is also very good

-M.A.N Drawing Channel

The staff and the doctors are very professional. Whoever visits the doctors in Genesis they would be coming out with the successful medication. Thanking you and wish Genesis for an vast expansion .

-Kulkarni Muralidhar

We both feel happy after coming here. Nice service. Doctor narmada having patience and she listen all queries regarding patient and give good advice and treatment.staff is also responding positively whenever we call. Maintaining good hygiene.Good house keeping.

-Swarneshwari Reddy

The hospital is located in a friendly environment and sophisticated lab equipment is a specialty of Friendly Nature Hospital. We hope to find success here

-Babu Kandikonda

Very good place for taking fertility treatment at Genesis neat and hygienic hospital.
Excellent treatment from Dr’s and good staff
Thank you Genesis

-Priyanka Vadlakonda

We both feel happy after coming here. Nice service. Doctor narmada having patience and she listen all queries regarding patient and give good advice and treatment.staff is also responding positively whenever we call. Maintaining good hygiene.Good house keeping.

-Swarneshwari Reddy

Very much satisfied with the doctors treatment at genesis. Very caring staff u have in your clinic thank you Dr. Narmada madam

-Mahender Kankala

Among the gynaecologists i have met, Dr.Narmada katakam is the best I felt.
Docters spending their valuable time per each case is quite large and the history of the patient is studied very closely to find out the cause of complaint.
Clinic hygine is greatly maintained and the staff are very friendly.

-Archana Ramgiri

The experience was hassle free, very friendly professional environment, Dr. Narmada mam vibes is the real magic with support of amazing team..
I am blessed with baby girl, The journey possible with Dr.Narmada mam, and her team..
Thanks is very small word to say...
The entire treatment it self was a pleasure...
Thank you so much to all the team of Genesis...

-Bondiprakash Rao

Last week i was visited gensis Good receiving front office member's and Good service,and way of doctors approaching patients was so good,thank you genesis

-Dharamu Sandeep Kumar

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