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IVF/Test Tube Baby – Not Necessary For All

IVF (Test Tube Baby) is not necessary for all couples with Infertility. Let’s know about Mrs MT and Mr HT One sunny day in 2018, couple Mrs MT and Mr HT walk into my consultation room, they live around 100 kilometres away, attends with a big pile of treatment papers.

I gathered lot of important information as I spent time with them. She has never been pregnant, couple have been trying for 9 years, and have been married for 11 years, which simply means there is an issue. I jotted down the following points to help me organize my thoughts

1. She weight 60 kilos and her BMI < 25. So she is not obese which any way is obvious for me just looking at her. Obesity is a contributing factor for infertility.
2. She has regular periods, which suggests that she is ovulating. HSG (X-ray test for tubal patency) showed open tubes, which is good, means the released egg have a clear path into the uterus.

3. She also had a hysteroscopy (looking into the uterus) and laparoscopy (check uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes) and all reported as normal, which means there is no problem there too. That’s a great news!
4. She had ovulation induction more than 15 cycles and also intrauterine insemination once (injecting processed semen directly into the womb), which means we have a reason to investigate further.

Mr HT does not smoke and drink alcohol and this BMI is < 25. Semen analysis reports were normal. So, there is nothing that needed correcting. It is part of our practice to test both. Problem can be either.

I arranged further investigations and identified few new problems

Mr HT had thyroid hormone deficiency, sperm count was normal, however, speed was not up to the mark. Commenced medication for both issues.

Mrs MT, she had thyroid hormone deficiency, anaemia (low haemoglobin) and a 3-D scan showed a partial septum in the womb. Now, this septum is a excess tissue in the womb (as shown in the picture A) and can cause infertility and in some cases, miscarriage too. It’s true that septum may not always prevent pregnancy but in those who are struggling to get pregnant, I highly recommend removal of septum. This has been proven to increase pregnancy rate and reduce miscarriage rate.

I still vividly remember the disbelief in their face when I listed all the probable issues both of them have and which need correction. Well, you’ll never know, unless you try. Right?!

Medication was commenced to both, hysteroscopy was done and septum was removed. We repeated 3-D scan 6 weeks after surgery showed a completely normal shaped uterus (Picture B).

Since uterus became normal after surgery, blood tests normalised.
Guess what?!
She lady was pregnant two months later, naturally and delivered a baby 9 months later.
I strongly believe discretion is a forte and this patient reinforced my beliefs. Great results can be achieved with minimal intervention. The capability of nature is much stronger than we are willing to accept.
They are one of many couples who visit Genesis Fertility and Laparoscopy Centre. We take pride in our thorough and detailed initial work-up
It’s not always big things.
Lot of little issues that can together cause infertility.
Every little helps!
How did she get pregnant spontaneously?
Is it just systematic customised evaluation and treatment and fixing multiple little issues?
What worked? Or does it even matter what worked?
They are happy complete family after 10 years of trying!
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