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Symptoms of infertility

Infertility simply refers to the inability of a couple to get pregnant and conceive a baby. To be able to start a family, the male and female member must have regular sexual intercourse without the use of any birth control mechanism like condoms, emergency abortion pills, etc. If a couple fails to conceive even after a year of participating in unprotected sex, they must visit a fertility clinic and get themselves checked for any infertility issues.

Even in the 21st century where infertility has been ranked amongst the most common lifestyle disorders, a large number of couples who are trying to start a family are unaware of the popular symptoms of male and female infertility. Today, we are here to address the mainstream infertility concerns and throw some light on the prevalent symptoms of infertility in both men and women.

It is usually the delay in getting pregnant that makes the couples wonder about the possibility of either or both of them having from a fertility disorder. There are, however, multiple other symptoms of infertility that can assist in early diagnosis of fertility issues in both men and women.

Infertility symptoms of women:

1. Irregular menstrual cycle is the most basic symptom of infertility in women. However, it’s also possible that most women misjudge the delay or lack of periods as a sign of pregnancy. It is only after the multiple negative pregnancy tests that the women get to learn about their infertility condition.

2. Women who experience varying degrees of pelvic pain must get themselves checked for endometriosis or an internal infection. Either of these can be the cause of infertility in women.

3. Absence of cervical fluid during ovulation prevents the sperm from reaching the egg and this is a prominent symptom of infertility in women.

4. The female body temperature increases after ovulation and lack of this can be pinpoint to no ovulation or decreased levels of the progesterone hormones. This further is a great indicator of female infertility.

5. Frequent weight fluctuations in women are indicative of hormonal imbalance and signal towards an infertility condition

Infertility symptoms of men:

1. Premature ejaculation is a prominent indicator of male infertility and must be discussed with the fertility expert

2. Testicular problems such as swelling, inflammation, or difficulty in passing urine are also suggestive factors for Male infertility

3. Change in sexual desire is an indication of poor hormone health and thus infertility in male

4. Difficulty in maintaining an erection is another common symptom of hormone imbalance and is directly linked to infertility

5. Impotency

All of the above-listed symptoms are indicators of infertility but do not necessarily mean that the couple are infertile. These are mere signals that a couple trying to conceive must be cautious about.

If a couple has been trying to get pregnant for a long time but has somehow been unsuccessful, they must carefully look out for the above symptoms of male or female infertility. Once they become aware of their symptoms, they must schedule an appointment with the fertility specialists at Genesis Fertility and Laparoscopy Centre and seek their assistance for treatment and cure.

The doctors at Genesis Fertility and Laparoscopy Centre perform multiple medical examinations for accurate diagnosis of infertility issues in couples. Semen analysis for men, 3D ultrasound scan for women and blood tests for both are done to thoroughly evaluate the infertility causes. It is only after the confirmatory diagnosis that the doctors plan the fertility treatment for the couple.

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Symptoms of infertility

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