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Infertility – Is it still a Taboo?


It is not an easy thing to accept that one is not able to start a family when they wish to. It’s easy to assume that pregnancy will happen as and when planned. This assumption is not challenged until there is a problem with conception. When faced with infertility, people typically keep quiet. When trying to conceive and it’s not happening, most couples do not discuss/ do not consult. Why?! Why?! Is it the social stigma? Not knowing how family members would react? Feeling of uncertainty? Feeling of failure? All these can be overwhelming. Some feel drowned, embarrassed, and humiliated. Being childless carries a significant stigma. Visiting fertility centres for some is a bigger stigma and hence couples decide against fertility treatments. Some (or is it many?!) feel that they can't talk about it. People in a society where infertility is still considered taboo are unaware of Fertility Centre and their Fertility Training. And Genesis being Best Infertility Centre in Hyderabad acknowledges that finding the right treatments is very essential for couples.

Couples’ emotional journey

Couple experiencing infertility are likely to face a variety of problems which may affect their sexual life, and their emotional, biological, social, physical, psychological, and financial aspects. Everyone who is trying to get pregnant experiences these new, sometimes harmful emotions, more so when family and peers appear to get pregnant easily. It takes time to cope with the intensity of grief, desperation, and loss, as well as the harsh reality of infertility, and to appear happy when you feel hollow and depressed with emotions.

  1. An Emotional Damage

    The entire process is a series of ups and downs for couples who live in month-to-month cycles of hope and disappointment as they navigate a tight schedule of appointments, treatments, and tests that put their normal lives on hold. Prolonged fertility issues have a significant impact on the conduct of life, straining relationships and eroding self-confidence.

  2. Resistance to Infertility of being a Taboo

    Many people experiencing infertility keep their emotions and struggles hidden. Even though everyone has a right to their privacy, secrecy can often leave individuals alone, not to mention frequently in the dark. The consensus among many fertility specialists is that couples frequently hide their infertility issues. Sixty-one per cent of couples who were surveyed and were having trouble getting pregnant admitted to keeping their infertility a secret from loved ones, and nearly half said they had not even told their mothers.

  3. Social Media Impact

    It is now simpler to get help, thanks to the rise of social media. It is still, a mystery and, sadly, shame, infertility is a subject that most people avoid talking about. It’s high time we change this!

People shouldn't have to or should not be made to feel ashamed of something that is not their fault and over which they have no control. Around 1 in 6 are affected by the widely misunderstood concept known as infertility, they require help coping with its effects, just like anyone else. It’s time that we recognise infertility is something needing medical attention. And fortunately it is not always IVF/Test tube baby. Many couples need little medication, little lifer style change and only few need fertility procedure

The times changed, so we must adapt. We need to be far more aware of the pain that infertility causes. It's time that the stigma surrounding infertility fade away through Genesis Fertility and Laparoscopy Centre, who is housing the most elite group of gynaecologists.

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