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Impact of Career on Conception

Fertility becomes a very integral part of life when a couple is trying for a baby. It does seep into day-to-day life as well as career, whether one wishes or not. There are many things that can affect a couple’s chances of conceiving. Age, weight, diet, lifestyle, all play an important role. Infertility can affect every aspect of life: physical, emotional romantic, financial, social, and professional. Let us see how career affects chances of becoming pregnant. As it turns out, the job one does has more of an impact on reproductive health than previously thought.

For women focusing on a career, pregnancy means putting career on a back seat. Today’s women are getting married and having children much later as compared with their previous generation. Focusing on a career is great while one should bear in mind that age over 30 affects a woman’s chances of conception. There is no best time in career for childbirth. Hence, make it best time when it happens! When it comes to balancing work and pregnancy, it’s definitely not easy. However, it can be done.

Despite improvements over the last decades, women still earn less than men in almost all countries. Women are often underrepresented in leading positions and their careers develop at a slower pace. Having children may be one reason for these disadvantages, childbirth impact on women’s career progression and lifetime earnings is substantial. Having said that, children are priceless!

The problems fall into 3 key areas:

  • Day-to-day – Direct impact of treatment in the workplace– leaves and appointments
  • Long term – Direct impact of treatment on career – promotions and progress
  • long-term – Indirect impact of infertility on mental health

Jobs can be stressful for some. When not managed properly stress can affect sleep patterns, food habits and increase dependency on caffeine, alcohol, and other such vices. These can, in turn, reduce fertility. High-stress levels also cause hormonal changes.

Let’s look at careers that influence fertility and chances of conception Shift patterns – nurses, flight attendants, police officers, software etc

  •  Exposure to Pesticides
  • Exposure to Anaesthetic gases
  • Exposure to Chemotherapy medication
  • Exposure to Toluene, which is used in nail salons
  • Heavy weightlifting

Fertility doctors like those at Genesis Fertility & Laparoscopy Centre are uniquely aware of all the factors that lead to a healthy conception and pregnancy. If you have been attempting to conceive for more than a year and been unsuccessful, make an appointment today. Dr. Narmada will work to uncover the cause of your fertility issues and help you to achieve a pregnancy. By testing all the possible causes of infertility, we will be able to choose a course of treatment that can provide you with the best odds of becoming pregnant. Life is too short to not enjoy a family if that is what you wish, if you question your reproductive health, call Genesis Fertility & Laparoscopy Centre today.

Impact of Career

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