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ICSI Treatment Cost and Procedure in India

Infertility has been an ongoing issue and has been on a steep rise and only recently begun to be discussed. As there is more discussion about infertility, more methods for dealing with infertility issues emerge. IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) is the most well-known form of assisted artificial reproduction technique ART. However, many other methods, such as ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection), are gaining popularity at the Best Infertility Centre and have a higher success rate. ICSI is one of the most popular of these methods and ICSI is not completely separate from IVF; it simply includes some additional steps than IVF.

What exactly is ICSI?

ICSI is an abbreviation for intracytoplasmic sperm injection. The process is essentially as follows: the male produces sperm by ejaculation and in few cases, it is extracted from the testis under anaesthesia; the best sperm is selected, and then injected into the egg for fertilisation while watching under special microscope. It is one of the most effective artificial treatment methods for couples with infertility issues.

ICSI treatment with the ICSI Specialist in Hyderabad success rates can range from 50-60 percent. Approximately eight out of ten eggs will fertilised, five in ten embryos will result in embryos eligible to be transferred.

When should ICSI be suggested?

ICSI treatment is recommended in the following situations:

  • Sperm count is low
  • Sperms with unusual shapes
  • The couple do not wish to use sperm from a sperm
  • To avoid certain genetic disorders
  • The male has issues with ejaculation

The Advantages of ICSI Treatment

  • A couple can have a genetic child
  • It addresses male infertility

ICSI Treatment Cost in India

  • A single cycle of ICSI Treatment Cost in Hyderabad could cost you anywhere between 1.3 to 2.3 lakhs INR. This includes the cost of injections used to stimulate the development of multiple eggs, cost of the embryology lab disposables, IVF lab and theatre costs, embryologist and IVF specialist costs the freezing of excess good quality embryos
  • Because top-rated ICSI Clinic in Hyderabad, India uses cutting-edge technology, ICSI treatments at these facilities have a higher success rate, although at a higher cost.

ICSI Treatment Procedure

The ICSI procedure is divided into five major steps

  • Hormone injections are given to women for 8-12 days which allow women to produce more than one egg per month
  • A minor procedure is used to collect eggs from a woman's ovaries
  • Male produces sperm sample by ejaculation on the day of the procedure. The best sperm is then selected at the Embryology Lab in the ICSI Treatment Centre for the procedure after processing.
  • The selected sperm is manually injected into the egg

What happens after ICSI?

Following ICSI, embryos are cultured in the incubator. The embryologist examines the fertilised egg to confirm fertilisation. A healthy fertilised egg (embryo) divides into cells and forms a blastocyst within five to six days. Your doctor at the Best Infertility Centre will assess the size and cell mass of the blastocyst (Day 5 embryos) to determine when it is most likely to lead to a successful pregnancy

Your doctor and you will discuss the timing of your embryo transfer. The embryo transfer usually takes place on the third to fifth day after the egg retrieval procedure, and embryos are inserted into the woman's uterus while watching on the scan using a very thin catheter.

The embryo which implants (attaches) to your uterus result in pregnancy to occur. Your doctor advises to wait for two weeks before taking a pregnancy test.

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