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Frequently Asked Questions about IUI

What is Intrauterine Insemination or IUI process?

IUI is a simple process where semen is processed and potent sperms with a high motility rate are injected directly into the womb of the female partner at the time of ovulation. This is like a short cut to sperm’s journey. I’ll explain how. After sexual intercourse, they are deposited in the vagina and swim forwards into the womb. In IUI, they are directly placed in the womb.
Steps before IUI include
1. Tablets and couple of injections to stimulate ovaries
2. 3-4 tracking scans
3. Trigger injection
4. IUI
5. Pregnancy test after two weeks +
In-Vitro Fertilization has little more than IUI. In the

What is the success rate for IUI?

IUI success rate varies from 6% to 26% per cycle. This percentage depends upon the age, weight, number of follicles and the sperm count. Higher sperm count is known to increase the odds of IUI success by multi-fold. Thus, the average success rate is somewhere between 15% to 20%.

What is the best timing for IUI?

An egg is only viable for 24 hours from the time when it is released. The best time for IUI is 6 hours before or after ovulation. If IUI is to be timed according to the hCG injection, it is performed 24 to 48 hours after the injection dosage. If two IUIs are planned, they are usually spaced at least 12 hours apart, anywhere between 24 to 48 hours.

How long before IUI should the male abstain from intercourse?

This varies from person to person but we usually recommend 48 hours since the last ejaculate so as to ensure high motility and morphology. If IUI is done for borderline sperm count, we either recommend just over 48 hours gap or we ask for extra sample to be frozen, so that we take sperm from two samples.

Where is the sperm collected?

The male partner is asked to collect his ejaculate in a sterile collection cup, ideally in the hospital. The sperms are then separated from the semen and washed before insemination. IUI is performed as soon as sperm washing is complete. Doing so increases the success rate.

What happens on the day of IUI?

IUI involves injecting washed sperms from the male partner through the cervix directly into the uterus of the female partner with the help of a thin and flexible catheter. This is a brief  procedure and takes 60- 90 minutes to process the sperm and no longer than 5-10 minutes for the procedure. It is performed as an outpatient procedure in the clinic.

What does IUI feel like?

For almost all women, IUI is a painless procedure and feels the same as when you get a pap smear test done. As the cervix is slightly open due to ovulation, the catheter that is inserted to transfer the sperms does not cause discomfort. Some women may have some cramping later on but that is mainly because of ovulation.

How long does a sperm live?

Sperms live for up to 48 hours. They gradually start losing their potency after 24 hours.

Do I have to lay down after IUI?

You may be asked to lay down for 15-30 minutes after the sperm transfer. As the sperm move only forwards, and the cervix ix closed, women can walk and go back home soon after this.

Can the sperms fall out of the uterus?

This is a very common question many couples ask, not only for IUI but for natural sex too. NO. Once the sperms are injected, they only move forwards. do not fall out from the uterus. You may feel wetness but that is mainly because of small amount of semen flow out of the cervix.

Is there any bleeding after IUI?

No, bleeding is not common but you may see few drops either due to process or due toovulation.

Do I have to take it easy after IUI?

IUI is a very simple procedure and we advise to take it easy after it, unlessthere mild cramping or feel some discomfort. Listen to your body! Stop strenuous exercises and avoid heavy lifting, it may help increase the chances of implantation.

How soon after an IUI can I have intercourse?

Unless the female has any discomfort, there is no time restriction for when couple can have intercourse. This is in cases where own sperm is used. In cases where donor sperm is used, it is safer to have abstinence until pregnancy test day.

How many times can I try IUI before moving onto IVF?

In general, if a couple does not conceive even after 3 to 4 well-timed IUI cycles, it is better to look into reasons for failure and also consider IVF. However, if couple wish to continue with IUI, they can even try up to 6 times.


IUI is a safe, quick and effective ART technique and is also the most preferred fertility treatment for couples with unexplained fertility disorders. IUI is a safe procedure and has a high success rate. It is very helpful in addressing a large number of male and female infertility

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